EDUCATION: Formed in His Communion

The second day of SJE Vacation Bible School 2018 was just as much fun as Day 1.  Campers returned to the Big Top and learned about God's providence from Reynaldo the Ringmaster and his cast of circus animals.  During today's assembly, Reynaldo and the animals drew campers' attention to how God is always giving us what we need.  In the Our Father, Jesus tells us to ask God for what we need (for our daily bread).  Reynaldo and company introduced this concept to the campers and prepared them to learn the daily lesson about the Eucharist. 

The daily lesson always takes place after the morning assembly.  Campers return to their classrooms and, by using examples from the animal kingdom, explore the daily theme which, today, was "God Provides".  At the beginning of the lesson, campers learned about the giraffe, which eats the thorny acacia leaves as one of its primary foods.  The children learned that God provides these special trees to giraffes as food and ensures that the giraffe's anatomy, such as their long necks and long, thick tongue, enable it to eat the food God gives them.  

After this introduction, the lesson moved to a discussion of the line "Give us this day our daily bread" in the Our Father.  Campers learned that this means that we acknowledge our dependence on God for all our material needs -- food, shelter, clothing.  They also learned that it means that we can depend on God for all our spiritual needs.  No matter our troubles, we can depend on God to be the great problem solver and put our trust in him.

Finally, the lesson drew the parallel between the daily bread we ask for in the Our Father prayer and the Eucharist.  The lesson reminded children of how Jesus gave us the Eucharist during the Last Supper and reminded them that they receive Jesus himself in this sacrament.  Jesus is the true spiritual food, the Bread of Life. 

We continued reading the biography of St. Joseph of Cupertino.  Campers learned that Joseph wanted to become a Franciscan friar, but that he was clumsy and difficult to teach and he was kicked out of the monastery.  Despite this, Joseph did not complain and trusted in God to provide for him. 

After the lesson of the day, the children rotated through the various stations, such as Games, Music, Crafts, and Snack.  They also returned to their classrooms to learn about the Bible Story of the day.  On Day Two, the children heard the story of the feeding of the 5,000 with only five loaves of bread and two fish.  They learned that Jesus blessed the bread, broke it, and gave it to his disciples to share with the people.  They drew parellels between Jesus's act of generosity to this crowd with his generosity to us during the mass, as the priest takes the bread, breaks it, and asks God to make it his own body and blood.  This food is then given out to the congregation at during Holy Communion.  The children then acted out a skit that reinforced these themes.  

After such an eventful morning, the children were picked up by parents from their classrooms and went home to rest and prepare for VBS Day 3.  The theme of Day 3is God Forgives and the color of the day is purple or green. 

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