EDUCATION: Formed in His Communion

Travel in your very own (imaginary) hot air balloon as you learn about the virtues of Faith, Hope, and Love. Discover what Jesus said was the greatest virtue and how to bring that virtue into the world as the missionary you are called to be. Your guides for this trip of a lifetime are the teachers of virtue, the saints. Meet St. Juan Diego, the first indigenous person from the Americas to be canonized. He teaches us about the virtue of faith. Then meet St. Brigid of Ireland who will help us learn about the virtue of hope. Next, you'll be introduced to St. Martin de Porres, who will help you learn about the virtue of charity, or love. On Day Four, you will learn what Jesus taught us about the greatest virtue from St. Nicholas of Myra (otherwise known as Santa Claus!). Finally, St. Kateri Tekakwitha will teach us what to do with our newfound knowledge of the virtues -- share our faith, give others hope, and show God's love in the world as missionaries! Register today for the 2019 SJE Vacation Bible School -- the best week of the year!

Volunteering at VBS

Vacation Bible School is a cherished part of the SJE calendar, but it cannot happen without sufficient youth helpers and adult volunteers. We need youth helpers to assist in classrooms, in the music room, in crafts, in games, in snacks, and in the babysitting room.  We need adults to teach each grade from Jr. Kindergarten through 4th grade, to run the games, crafts, music, and snack stations, and to coordinate the youth volunteers.  

Youth helpers sign up here.

Adult volunteers sign up here.


Christmas Plant Memorial

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